Hi, I'm Maddie.

let's keep it personal. i'm sure you're totally interested in how i got started in photography and all that jazz, but let's jump ahead. my summers are full of other people's most special love days (hello weddings!) and the rest of the year i get to be a part of my clients' most special life moments: engagements, fresh born babies, graduation, etc. photography is how i tell stories. in college i was thrilled by documentary photography, and got to continue that work and make a living at the same time! i work full time as a florist at fitzgerald flowers in La Grande (which i am now part owner of) and travel AS MUCH AS I CAN. i'm a family person, an artist, musician, and a friend. i'm blessed to be able to spend my days/weeks/life surrounded by and creating things that are beautiful.

let's be friends. =]

I am based out of Union County and La Grande, Oregon but travel to Wallowa, Malheur, and Umatilla Counties and beyond!

my vision behind my photos

if you're looking for formal portraits or traditionally posed pictures, i suggest you look elsewhere. life is constantly moving and evolving, and i believe photographs are a time capsule that should capture you right where you are. so let me get to know you a little bit, and together we can create some images that genuinely reflect your life, messy and beautiful as it might be.

what a session with me looks like

my main goal for every session is that we all have a good time. because if everyone is happy, i guarantee good photos will come out of our time together. consider it a date with your honey (i make a great third wheel) or a hang out sesh with all those involved (including me!) i promise i'll help guide you through our session so you don't feel lost in not knowing what to do or how to position your body; my biggest tip is to be willing to get a little vulnerable, and completely be yourself. if there are little ones involved, forget bribing them with candy to be good, because it will create a mindset for them that our session is something they're not going to enjoy. instead, tell them we're having a playdate. i'm great at making friends with kids, and fussy babies don't bother me a bit, so let go of the stress of keeping everything looking perfect, and just have a good time. once we decide together on a vision and general vibe for your photos, we'll choose a location that best matches and go from there! my work is so casual and easy going, you have nothing to worry about.



“Madeline is not only an amazing photographer but an AMAZING person! She is incredibly easy to work with, makes you smile, laugh, and genuinely have a great time while being photographed (which can feel weird sometimes) but she makes it natural and makes you feel beautiful!! I CANNOT recommend her enough! Cannot wait until the next time I need pictures done and get to work with her again!”

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